Our History

Abundant Life works diligently to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities in which we live.



Early Years

On Sunday, March 10, 1991, the first church service convened in the home of Elder Alan S. Robinson. This illustrious Pastor was inspired of the Lord to name the church, “ABUNDANT LIFE,” which was derived from John 10:10b. Though small in number, there was faithfulness and dedication among the members.


The Wednesday Night Prayer Service (Power Packed Night) was highly anointed and spirit controlled. With the move of YPWW to this night, it has also become a night filled with wisdom and knowledge. During Wednesday and Friday night services, Pastor Robinson and others, have provided an exhilarating educational curriculum teaching Bible History, Application, and Church Doctrine. They experienced a closer walk with the Lord.


In 1992, Abundant Life services relocated to the EXEC Building, 6440 Hillandale Drive in Lithonia, Georgia. The saints continued praising and magnifying the name of Jesus in this location for three years. In January 1995, after much prayer and fasting, Pastor Robinson established a Board of Directors to assist with organizing, implementing, and supervising the administrative duties, regulations, and development of the church. On Sunday, July 30, 1995, Abundant Life again relocated to accommodate a larger congregation at 4667 Glenwood Road, Decatur, Georgia, where they continued to lift up the name of Jesus for two years. During the summer of 1996, the Lord took Elder Robinson soaring and shifted his ministry discovering deep mysteries of the Lord, imparting revelations he has not been the same. More souls were saved, bodies were healed, and hope restored.


One year later, the Lord spoke to His servant, Pastor Robinson, and said, “I have need of you in a New Land.” The hand of God would move once again for this anointed man of God and he responded, but time was not on his side. The Lord spoke again and said go on a thirty (30) day fast and consecration.


Pastor Robinson would always say that he would not move until the Lord tells him to. Just as Joshua was in battle with the children of Israel and asked for the sun to stand still, Pastor Robinson asked the Lord to let the sun stand still for Abundant Life, and He did. With the financial assistance of SouthTrust Bank and the members, in 1997, the saints entered the doors at 1280 Benteen Way in the southeast area of Atlanta, Georgia, praising God for what He has done. In April 2000, the church was released by SouthTrust Bank of all financial obligations, completing a seven (7) year obligation in two and a half (2 1/2) years.


In April 2007, because of his stewardship and vision that the Lord gave him, Pastor Robinson led his church ministry to the burning of their final mortgage releasing them from all financial obligations.